waiter vendorsWedding planning is full of surprises. Who knew your aunt would insist on a minibar in her hotel room, or that your cousin would need a sitter for her four kids? Your brother's girlfriend is a vegan with a peanut allergy, and you need to find a highly-rated local groomer for your best man's emotional support dog. 

You're a bride, not a concierge... but nonetheless, you still have some obligations as a hostess. Thankfully, looking after your vendors is pretty straightforward... and yep, they do need a little day-of love. Most of our advice follows traditional vendor etiquette, but we've thrown in some common-sense tips our wedding bands have picked up from clever Music Garden clients. 

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wedding mistakesLeashed cats make awful ring bearers. Don't forget the seasickness pills if your ceremony's on a sunset sailing cruise. Always check for raptor nests if you're releasing doves after your vows. These are words of wisdom shared by brides who've experienced—first-hand—the pitfalls of poorly-planned weddings. There will always be surprises, but most are avoidable. You can keep Murphy off your guest list by laying down some laws of your own.

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Jekyll Island ClubGetting married is a whole lot more fun than it used to be. Sure, you can still get married in your parent's church and have the reception at a club or restaurant, but destination weddings are popular with today's Southern brides for a reason--it's a one-stop, all-inclusive way to celebrate your marriage with family and friends not for just a couple of hours, but for the entire weekend.

There are so many fabulous wedding venues in the South it's hard to narrow it down to the "best"; the list below is more mood-oriented--from the mountains to the beach, with some great urban options in between. We went to the experts--Southern Living, and everybody's favorite Southern style blog, Draper James, for the best of the best.

All of these venues have wedding directors and preferred vendors, so once you decide on the venue, leave the work to the director--they're pros, and once they know the kind of wedding you want, they'll go to work lining up the vendors to make it happen. That's one of the big advantages of a destination wedding, especially if you're from the South--when you get out of town, you don't hurt anybody's feelings when you don't ask your manicurist's sister-in-law's neighbor make an armadillo groom's cake. 

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wedding musicSo, you've been planning your wedding and the big day is getting closer by the second. By now, you've probably found the perfect dress, beautiful flowers, and an amazing wedding cake. But, what about the music? You definitely don't want to overlook the importance of providing a variety of great songs for your guests' enjoyment. However, choosing the right songs can be a daunting task if you don't know what's popular and what's not. 

You may be asking yourself, "What makes a song perfect for a wedding?". Well, the truth is that any song that captures the joy and excitement of the occasion is a perfect choice. Upbeat songs that encourage your guests to get up and dance can add a fun element to your party while romantic love songs help set the mood for more intimate slow dancing.

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create realistic budget debt

So he popped the question and she said yes. Such a happy time in a new couple's life should be celebrated with friends and family from all around. A wedding should be fun and exciting for everyone involved, sadly though, it has become one of the more expensive events in a person's life. If you want to have a big wedding that you and all your guests will love, but are still worried about wearing out your credit cards, take a look at what you can do to keep yourself from going overboard. After all, this is just the beginning of your new life, don't start it off with a pile of bills.

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az izz

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Az IzZ band (not spelled As Is or Az Iz!) is known as one of the most versatile, high energy dance and show bands around. We were fortunate enough to sign the band several years for southeast booking. They're able to play jazz and swing standards, motown, beach, rock 80s, 90s, even top 40 and hip hop. Their show will seriously blow your mind!

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children wedding bandsThere probably isn't a social occasion that's changed more than a wedding in the last generation--from gift registries to who pays for the wedding itself, the old Emily Post rules have certainly bent, if not broken altogether. But here's a caveat--while what are basically the logistics have changed, the underlying good manners of wedding etiquette have not. Here's how some of the trickier questions of etiquette are answered for the thoroughly modern, yet well-mannered, bride and groom (a modern touch--in earlier years, the groom was never included in much besides the wedding itself).

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honeymoonersThere is a lot more to a wedding than just the ceremony and reception. The honeymoon is not only a time-honored tradition but also an opportunity to celebrate your recent union in privacy, somewhere wonderful. Allowing you and your spouse to start your marriage out on the right foot, the honeymoon is essential and should be an experience like no other.

But where is the right (and unique!) place to honeymoon for you and your spouse? Below you'll find our guide to the best honeymoon destinations of 2019, to help you and your partner enjoy and begin your marriage on a beautiful note.

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wedding band live

So many factors go into planning the perfect wedding: creating the guest list, choosing a delicious wedding cake, deciding which colors work best together. The wedding reception band, too, is a choice that engaged couples often overlook, remembering at the last minute that they need to book a live wedding band that matches perfectly with the theme and style of their wedding.

Choosing the best band for your wedding can be overwhelming, but there are some simple items to keep in mind while deciding on the ideal atmosphere you want to create for your reception.

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barn wedding trends

A wedding signifies a major milestone in a couple's shared lifetime, and the celebration surrounding that should be just as unique as they are. Use your imagination as you mix up the 2019 wedding trends with tradition.

Yes, rose gold is still trending, but wedding traditions are experiencing a revolutionary shake-up this year. Here are 14 exciting wedding trends in 2019 to check out.

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wedding dress hanging

After the massive to-do list that led up to your wedding and honeymoon, it's tempting to relax and spend all your time with your new spouse. You deserve a break!

However, there's another to-do list you can't ignore, because if you let it build up, you'll start to feel as stressed as you did when the bridesmaids forgot their shoes. (That didn't happen? Lucky you!) This is the post-I-do to-do list, and it features some pretty key items. Checking them off will help you get your married life in order.

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