Nappy Roots have been confirmed by Music Garden for a performance at University of Georgia in Athens Georgia on March 23, 2013. Since Nappy Roots was formed while many of the members were at Western Kentucky University, the band has always felt a strong connection to their fans who attend college. This national Hip Hop band performance will bring one huge University of Georgia fraternity party!

By far one of the most underrated Hip-Hop acts to have emerged over the past few years, their accomplishments and the milestones they’ve reached are the stuff of often-referenced Hip-Hop legacies. But theirs' remains a legacy that isn’t celebrated nearly as much as it should be… at least not by the “industry.” The fans, on the other hand, recognize just what sets Nappy Roots apart: consistency. In addition to their two independent releases – "The Humdinger" and "Pursuit of Nappyness," released in 2008 and 2010 respectively– Nappy Roots has provided their fans with new music every year since 2004, amassing a total of no less than 10 full-length albums and mixtapes.

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