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So many factors go into planning the perfect wedding: creating the guest list, choosing a delicious wedding cake, deciding which colors work best together. The wedding reception band, too, is a choice that engaged couples often overlook, remembering at the last minute that they need to book a live wedding band that matches perfectly with the theme and style of their wedding.

Choosing the best band for your wedding can be overwhelming, but there are some simple items to keep in mind while deciding on the ideal atmosphere you want to create for your reception.

Consider the Genre

Most wedding live music bands or party bands play a variety of popular hits spanning the decades, but that doesn't mean you can't find a wedding band that leans towards one of your favorite genres. If you're a huge country music fan, find a band that will play some of the country classics, in addition to the songs that usually make the setlist of a reception performance. This is definitely something to consider if your wedding aligns with a special occasion and you're able to find a band that knows some holiday hits or God Bless America for the 4th of July.

Poll Your Guests

Whether you actively include a poll in your wedding invitation or just ask around to get some ideas, it's important to take into consideration what your guests want. After all, they'll be on the dance floor right along with you! This day is all about you and your new spouse, but a setlist that alienates your guests doesn't make for a very exciting reception - you want to bring down the house with a PARTY BAND!

Determine Your Ideal Sound

Now that you've got a general idea of the genre and setlist, it's time to determine what the perfect sound is to you. Do you think a male or female singer would be a better fit for the style you'd like? Perhaps both? Some bands do include both male and female singers, and if you're looking to keep things fresh and interesting throughout the night, that could be a great option to consider. No matter what you decide, don't worry about losing out on the songs that are traditionally sung by males or females. Most bands cover a good mix of both, despite their gender.

Match the Sound to the Style

Is the look and feel of your wedding elegant and sophisticated? Maybe a band that relies mostly on punk rock hits isn't your best bet. Having your wedding in a beautiful barn setting? Consider a country band that knows how to get the two-stepping started. Whatever style you're going for with the location, decorations, and dress code of your wedding should match and make sense with the music you've chosen.

Be Specific... to a Degree

Maintaining the exact list of songs you want to hear during your wedding reception can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Plus, it doesn't allow for the fun element of surprise. Instead, create a list of "must hears" that you would prefer your wedding band be able to play, and then let them take it from there. This also allows for your guests to request songs, if that's something that the wedding band can accommodate, and gives you the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised on the big day by hearing a song played that you'd forgotten was one of your favorites!

Your wedding day should be beautiful, fun, and memorable. Finding the right wedding reception band is a huge part of setting the mood and ambiance of your reception, and should leave a lasting mark on the minds of your guests. If you need help selecting the perfect band for you, don't hesitate to contact us at Music Garden. We'll be able to set you up with the right band to make your wedding day as special as it deserves to be.

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