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Are you interested in local cover bands for hire for a party or event? We take pride in making sure that your guests experience the very best music at your function.  If you are searching for the best entertainment, you have found the right place.  Please contact us to book a local cover band today or to simply ask how much local cover bands cost! 

Here is some information that might help you if you are looking for cover bands for weddings or for other events.

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The word cover band applies to almost every party or dance band that performs music written by famous bands and artists.  In other words, a cover act does not write and perform their own material.  Music Garden represents groups in most cities in the country.  Most people think of a cover band as a group that plays a variety of songs by different artists as opposed to a "tribute band" which would be a band that impersonates one particular artist(playing hits from that one famous band).   Often times, The Tribute Band also tries to imitate the movements and gestures of the band they are impersonating. They also dress in similar costumes as that band. 


A cover band will play different genres of music.  While some of them play more of one genre such as country music, others might perform hit songs from country, southern rock, and classic rock.  Others may play Motown,  R&B, and Soul. Musicians that perform events for all ages(like weddings) will play a complete variety of songs.  They might play Oldies, Jazz, Motown, Top 40, Rock and even Hip Hop and Rap.  Most cover bands will play the top dance hits from the 1940s to the current hits of today including 70s music, 80s music and 90s music.


In addition to wedding receptions, they will perform for other types of events including college functions like fraternity and sorority parties, balls and dances for Mardi Gras and Holiday occasions, company events,  festivals,  clubs, and other private parties.  At most private and public functions, the standard cover act will play up to a four hour span of time. That includes breaks. 


In most cases, the artists bring their own sound and lights and of course their instruments and stage equipment.  They will usually play recorded music through their sound system during the breaks so that there is no dead air during the event.   Although in most cases, they do not bring a stage, most of the entertainers do not necessarily have to be elevated for the performance.  They do, however need a flat, solid surface to set up on.  The power requirements for a cover band range from 2 20 amp circuits to 6 separate circuits.  Some of the larger bands will tie into a power panel.   


The price of a cover band varies depending on several factors such as the popularity of a band, the number of members in the band, and how far they have to travel to get to the event.   Our cover bands usually start out at about $2500 and can go up to $20,000 depending on the band.   Sometimes, clients want to book a group in a different part of the country.  In this case, the buyer would also be responsible for additional expenses like airfare,  ground transportation, meals, hotel rooms, and maybe sound lights and backline( stage equipment such as drums, bass guitars, keyboards, amps, mics and other stage gear).  


While we book groups in most cities, it is helpful to know that some musicians travel different distances than others.

If you are trying to find local bands, then you may save some money simply because it costs a band more to travel.  But some of the top cover bands for weddings and other events throughout the southeast are used to traveling up to six hours per day to get to a destination wedding or party.  This requires very reliable transportation including a very solid trailer.


The more popular cover groups understand that professionalism is just as important as being a great sounding band.  The dress will match the level of formality of the dance or party.  The band will accommodate reasonable requests and of course they have a great presentation.   It usually takes a band about 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours to set up and about an hour to break down.  This depends on factors such as how difficult the load in is and if there are any problems such as power issues.

While the average life of a random cover band might be 3 years, a lot of the most popular ones that Music Garden represents(the bands in most demand) have been performing for 15 to 20 years.   We have exclusive groups that have played the same annual event 20 years in a row!  If a band is professional and good, they usually keep getting booked and they stay around longer.

Most of the great musicians will have professional promotional materials.  Our top music groups have videos, audio samples, song lists,  bios, and other information that is helpful to choose the right band for your event.  We also have references and testimonials on each artist as we send out review sheets to every person that books a live act with us. This is how our roster stays so strong! If a band is not getting great feedback, then we just cant continue to represent that band.

At Music Garden we represent some of the most elite cover bands.  At least 80% of our bookings come from referrals.  People call us to book a certain band that they have seen at a wedding or their best friend tells them about that band.  The other 20% comes from a client seeing one of our band's promotional material on the website and/or written references   

We are very proud of our cover bands, our staff, and our reputation for providing the very best in party entertainment.  If you have any questions at all please call us.  Our customer service is second to none.  To us, every question is a smart question.  Each member of our sales team is happy to share their cell number so that they are easy to reach by phone or text.  Call us to book one of the very best cover bands today! You will be glad you did!

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